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HCAP Network Activities

The HCAP Network is organized around several cores that each address an important aspect of the Network’s mission:

  • Sample design
  • Protocol content and administration
  • Statistical harmonization of data across studies
  • Diagnostic algorithms and validation
  • Biomarker as covariates for epidemiological research


The HCAP network supports pilot projects that conduct analysis aimed at answering important questions for how to better harmonize the studies to one another and to other studies around the world. The primary intention of pilot projects in the HCAP research network is to conduct statistical or other methodological analysis of existing data to improve the harmonization of study designs, data, and research uses.

Junior Faculty Exchanges

Harmonization is also served by sustained effort at comparative research by teams of scholars from different studies. This is particularly valuable for training junior scholars. The Network supports extended-stay visits by researchers from HCAP studies at other sites outside their own.